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I have no regard for my immortal soul.

Update: I left yet another message on this girl’s cell, probably my fourth or fifth this week, asking her to at least call me and let me know she hasn’t died. No reply. So she’s probably dead or paralyzed, making … Continue reading

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SCULPTED CHEST, YO: Brought to you by the early 00’s LiveJournal Archives

It’s a well documented fact that I reached the peak of my coolness in elementary school. I had everything going for me: I was the new girl in school. I had a hairline fracture in my left arm that resulted … Continue reading

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Men of the world: if you found out a girl you just met had a gently-used wedding dress that doesn’t belong to her sitting in her closet, would you be more or less likely to date her?

It’s an understatement to say that I’ve had some roommate issues in the past year. It would probably be better for me emotionally if I just reflected on the good times as I leave the House of Nightmares, but I … Continue reading

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Theme Parties are Forever

I imagine that when a person’s life flashes before their eyes, it involves a blurry stream of foggy memories, punctuated by the important moments that shaped their character. For me, those benchmarks are theme parties. Everything in the last four … Continue reading

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How “So You Think You Can Dance” saved our long-distance relationship

Four(ish?) years ago Carly and I started a tradition that has become a linchpin in our friendship: we started watching “So You Think You Can Dance.” A friend of Carly’s/acquaintance of mine was a contestant that year, which gave us … Continue reading

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Moving is Ridiculous (read: mostly sad) Tempe Edition

Ok. First things first, I want to apologize to my one and only, Sarah Deeeeeeeee for not writing this sooner. You’d think that with approximately 8 hours of travel, I would have plenty of time to write a blog post, … Continue reading

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Moving is ridiculous. (Tucson Edition)

Thursday was Canada Day, and it was also July 1st. I was in the throes of nationalist euphoria, and panicking at the thought of moving across the country in approximately one month. As I stood alone in the house, looking … Continue reading

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