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“Baby, it’s me. I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long. Wait, baby, I didn’t mean it like that. Baby. Baby come back!!!!!!”

Oh my god, you guys. I’m sorry. Here’s what’s been going on in our sad little lives. Three days into my new job, I got tonsillitis. The same week, Jasper got a mysterious cut on his paw and had to … Continue reading

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Carly tries a do-it-yourself yoga DVD. Because you can only walk your dog so many times in a day…

Maybe it’s a testament to my academic endeavors that I’ve never really understood the term “hump day.” To me, I never cared about how far into the week I was until it was Friday, and the weekend was actually upon … Continue reading

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My dog is the boss of me.

First things first-I am happy to announce that Sarah and I are now both officially employed. On the plus side, we are both working in our desired fields, and will likely be able to pay our bills. On the down … Continue reading

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State of the Union — Week 1 in Brooklyn! New friend count: 0

As of today, Carly and I have been Brooklyn residents for exactly one week. So far, we’ve managed to make exactly zero new friends. Some might speculate that this is because, rather than venturing into the world, Carly and I … Continue reading

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“This is just an estimate, but I’m pretty sure there are several million inbreds living on this mountain alone.”

I know. You’re disappointed with us. We’ve dropped the ball. Please don’t hate us. We promise to be more dedicated, diligent bloggers. To be fair, we have been a little busy lately, what with our driving through 12 states in … Continue reading

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