1. Carly and I went to a Mets game today. In the words of our friend Tanya, “You guys only had to pay $10 to witness the utter humiliation of a group of professional athletes.” Tanya is a Yankees fan and our other friend Joe is a Nationals fan, so we were Nationals fans, which proved to be the right call. There were 14 innings, and they were all hilarious. Highlights: Ollie Perez taking a break from the episode of “Bones” he was watching in the dugout to pitch in the 14th inning and completely fucking things up for his team, leading to their immediate defeat. Carly yelling “I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU, AND I STILL LOVE YOU” at Ollie Perez. Tanya teaching us the 9 fielding positions and how they affect scoring (I KNOW SO MUCH NOW!)

Carly and I know what a "1-6-3 double play" is. SEXY!!!!!!!!

2. Carly, Joe and I came up with a hilarious idea on the train for a babysitting service that is just us chloroforming children…Maybe you had to be there? And also we don’t advocate actually chloroforming children? Forget I said anything. In fact, I wish I had some chloroform right now. What?

3. Would you like a more intimate look at our glittering city lives? Here*:


*Note: “LARP-ing” stands for “Live-action role playing.” Uncomfortably, Carly knew what this term meant before it came up in the episode of “Degrassi: The Next Generation” she was watching.

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2 Responses to Noteworthy

  1. Andy Stone says:

    You are the dog whispererer! I felt like I was really there.

  2. Kristie says:

    omg. hearing the both of you laugh in the vid made me tear up a bit. also, is this video a bunch of clips cut from some 24/7 live feed you have set up in your apartment? if so, please link me to your live feed. I need that. if it doesn’t exist, look into it. I think that could be a great niche market. or a very creepy voyeur market. you decide.

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