Adulthood, AMIRITE?!

I’m going to go ahead and apologize in advance for this hodge podge blog post, but I have a lot of shit I need to get off my chest.

Hey, remember this? A lot has changed since then. I like to think that in our four months of living here, we’ve really matured. In fact, I think I might be ready to say that we are very nearly actual, real live adults.

Gone are the days of embarrassing commutes in the clothes from the night before for these city girls. Now, we plan ahead. Last night was our friend’s annual Christmas party. He lives all the way up in Harlem, which is not a pleasant commute to make in the wee hours of the morning. We decided in advance that we would sleep at my brother’s apartment, which was only one subway stop away, and come home bright and early to tend to our dogs. Because we were going to be wearing cocktail attire, we packed a bag with pajamas and a change of clothes for the morning journey. No more strangers judging us on the way to church, no more dudes giving us thumbs up and offering high fives; we were going to blend right in.

Then again, the more things change.. the more they stay the same.

But you guys, it got so SO much worse.

The commute itself was fine. We got bagels and ate them on the train (gross) and made pretty good time. Sure, we got laughed at a lot, but otherwise we managed to get to our borough without too much fanfare. But then we got off the train. When we had left Wade’s, it was a little gray out, but nothing to be too concerned about. By the time we got to Brooklyn, however, the skies had opened up and shit had gotten REAL outside. To quote Sarah-

“When I stood at the bottom of the stairs and looked up and saw the rain coming down, it was one of the worst moments of my life.” -Sarah Devlin

Sarah took a momentary break from screaming incomprehensibly and yelling at passersby to give her their umbrellas, and gave me a winning smile.

By the time we got home, Sarah had suffered some sort of mental break. At first, she couldn’t fathom the idea of going back outside to let the dogs pee. (“UGH, JASPER! I CAN’T BELIVE I OWN YOU!” – Sarah Devlin) When we got back inside after taking the kids out, she decided that Jasper was not, in fact, her dog. I will concede that he was acting a little weird, probably spent a little too much time scribbling in his journal; but I don’t know if her reaction was really proportionate to the facts.

“All right, I don’t know what this creature is, but you are not my dog… Suki ate Jasper and she brought this replacement back to try to fool us…WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?!” -Sarah Devlin.

I, however, was holding it together perfectly.

Nailed it.

I had some other stuff that I wanted to talk about, but “Christmas Cupid” is on, so I really need to focus on that. Plus, once this is done I gotta tune in to Lifetime’s “Marry Me,” so my night is pretty booked.

This guy knows what’s up.

[I just wanted to add that I’ve never looked better, and you’re all welcome. Also, this has been killing me all weekend.

Hope you are all as successful/happy/good-looking at life during the holidays as I was this weekend! — Sarah]

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1 Response to Adulthood, AMIRITE?!

  1. Audrey says:

    I was exhausted and then I saw the fake homeless people, the moves, and the overall sexiness that is “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” all over again. It does it for me every time!!!!

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