An open letter to the cast and crew of “Hang Time”

Dear cast and crew of Hang Time,


If 90210 can come back, so can you. You know Reggie Theus (“as Coach Bill Fuller”) doesn’t have anything better going on. And it’s high time Dick Butkus made his triumphant return to television.

Speaking of football guys getting back into the acting game, what do you think the odds are we can convince Mike Ditka to attach his name to this revival? He can play the coach of the school’s football team who also just happens to have one girl on an otherwise all boys team and I COULD BE THAT GIRL!

Ditka, you are the life blood that drives the dreams of ACTING.

Come on, guys. Just do it. For feminism.


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1 Response to An open letter to the cast and crew of “Hang Time”

  1. ben says:

    wo wo wo. considering reggie theus is way busy assistant coaching the t-wolves, and considering it was a way better show, would this letter not have been better directed towards City Guys (the cream of the TNBC crop)

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