LOL. Boo! Volume 1



In May, I fell on a moving walkway at JFK Airport. There was lots of blood, and even more people standing around! It was great. This past month, I’ve spent a couple of weekends at the beach/pool and apparently all the bugs in New York were like “I see something special in this girl.” So between my travel-inflicted wounds, and several many bug bites, (and, um, not really being super vigilant about shaving them? AAAAAHHHH) both of my legs are looking suuuuuper gorge right now.


Also, now that I'm seeing a picture, I think I killed one of these in the apartment last night. RIP. I actually hardly knew ye!

Carly and I were walking the dogs one evening while it was still a bit light outside, but the sun had already set (…I’m pretty sure that’s “twilight”? I’m going to pretend I didn’t look that word up in the dictionary to make sure) when I saw a light go on suddenly in the air front of me. “What the fuck is that?” I yelled, immediately assuming that I had a brain tumor. Turns out, during the decade and change I spent living in the desert, my brain just deleted the existence of fireflies entirely from my database of life experiences. Whoops!


Jasper hates pretension.

I got a Moleskine for free from work a few months ago, and while I still think that people who write in Moleskines are pretentious (I’m exempt because I got mine for free, duh, don’t think about it too hard), it actually proved really useful, and I carried it in my bag with me every day. One weekend, I left the house for several hours and opted to use a different purse, leaving the notebook at home for the day. When I came back, my purse was on the floor and the notebook, with the cover ripped off and several pages shredded, was lying next to it. I thought I cleaned up most of the paper, but a few days later I took Jasper out to use the bathroom and found a digested page of the Moleskine in his poop, so thanks for that comment on my work, ya big jerk.


Last week, while we were waiting for house guests to arrive, Carly decided to practice her first dance for her future wedding. To Ames.


The last “Harry Potter” film officially premieres at midnight. Though I wasn’t very emotional during HP 7.1 (though I did enjoy it) I predict becoming verrrrry emotional when I see the final final movie tonight. It’s sad to close the book (as it were, and also I am the world’s most original writer) on a 10+ year pop culture event, but I am excited to see how it turns out. Also, this link that Carly sent to me is helping to dull the pain.

Watch Three Harry Potter Stars Sing ‘Party in the USA’.


I love this website, and this is one of many, many reasons why.


When I think about how "The Bachelor" is on season 15, and "Friday Night Lights" BARELY got to season 5, I get so upset. And then I feel guilty about watching "The Bachelor," and lord knows I don't need to feel MORE guilty about that.

“Friday Night Lights” ALSO ends this week. WTF??????? Saracen!!!!!!!!! Riggins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAMI TAYLOR!!!!!!!! TEXAS! FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Big man. Little legs!

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