Top 10 #Bachelorette Finale Tweets

As many of you are aware, last night Sarah and I were unable to watch the finale of the most! dramatic! season! ever! However, given that I am an impatient creature with little to no will power, I watched the drama unfold via the most reliable of narrators, Twitter. What resulted was a two hour journey through the American psyche, and it was beautiful. Below, please find my choice of top 10 #Bachelorette tweets, in no particular order. Also, spoiler alert on #4, for those of you who care and have not yet watched. So no one.


Great insight from a girl who definitely has her priorities in order.


This is just a very well thought out comment.




I mean, really. Glasses? Yuckerz, AMIRITE?


I get it.


Nailed it.


No comment necessary.


Excellent recap. I felt like I was there! Fine holiday fun!


At least he gave it the old college try.


I have no way of knowing for sure, but I'm inclined to think I agree with this.


Stay tuned for some lively discussion of Ashley’s final choice, Ben’s latent rage, and the hopeful removal of the word “baby” from the American pet name vernacular.

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