“The Bachelorette” Season 10, Episode 11: Finally Finale

And there you have it. After 11 episodes and 23 grueling hours, Andi has a fiancé. That’s right, we have spent nearly an entire day watching this quest for love unfold.

So, what went down in this live finale event? Well, let’s start with the most important thing first. No, not that Josh Murray won the final rose, but rather that Nick V. announced on live, national television that he and Andi “made love” in the fantasy suite. Sad, scorned Nick, on his third attempt to get answers from Andi, almost immediately aired that dirty laundry like a boss. I mean, sure. We all know what’s going on in that hotel room. But still. To hear the phrase “made love” (is there nothing more uncomfortable?) and to watch Andi’s face drop at the realization that her entire extended family and her brand new fiancé are all hearing this as well was nothing short of amazing. On top of that, digging himself even further into a hold, Nick elaborates that Andi did “fiancé kinds of things” in the fantasy suite. LOLOL Andi’s a freak, ya’ll.


So, what else happened? Let’s be honest… it wasn’t that exciting. Both Nick and Josh met the family, both Nick and Josh were nervous, both Nick and Josh got Andi’s dad’s blessing to ask Andi to marry them. In their final date, Josh presented Andi with a professionally printed baseball card for “Andi Murray.” While I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the one billionth nod to Josh’s past as an athlete, the detail of listing her errors as “can’t dance” and “swears too much” was kind of cute. Plus, it’s not a story book full of drawings that look like they were penned by a four year old, but were in fact sketched by a 33-year-old man, so that’s a point in his favor.

The majority of Nick’s final date dealt with his fears, having already experienced one failed engagement. Andi listens, duck face a-blazing, and offers a mildly unconvincing “it’s gonna be all right.” He presents her with a necklace containing some sand from one of their first dates, which is sweet, but not quite as solid as Nick’s baseball card. SORRY.

So the next day, it’s time for Neil Lane to make his grand entrance. Oh Neil. Hello, old friend. First up is Josh, who picks an insanely huge diamond ring that looks like it would seriously be work to wear. Next up is Nick… OR IS IT?! Turns out that the person behind the knock is not our beloved Mr. Lane, but rather Andi, who is there to let Mr. Frontrunner go.

And so, after many tears from both Nick and Andi, here we are. Andi waits on her engagement platform for Josh, who begins his proposal by once again talking about baseball. Wouldn’t it have been great if Andi was like “lol nevermind” and just walked away? But alas, she is buying everything he is selling, and with some exchanged I love yous, the pair are engaged.

So, will these two crazy kids make it? They do have the advantage of being able to start a real relationship, not a long distance one, since they live a mere five minutes from one another. And given that same proximity, they were able to start seeing each other right away rather than waiting for however many weeks, so… maybe? Then again, this is The Bachelor franchise, so let’s not hold our breath.

It’s been a fun season, friends! Thanks for watching with me!


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